#streetmini4wd Super Shooting Star on Type 2 (2006)

#streetmini4wd Super Shooting Star on Type 2 (2006)

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Published July 23, 2018 16:39

* Chassis = Type 2;
* Motor = FA-130 Stock;
* Standard Gear Ratios = 5:1 /3.67:1;
* Weight (without batteries)= 74 gr;
* Wheels = Sponge da 31mm;
* Track = front 82mm, rear 87mm;
* Mechanic = Super X with ball bearing trasmission;


* 4 ball bearings 2x6x2 Yeah on shafts;
* 1 ball bearing 2x5.5x2.5 (fifth ball bearing);
* 2 ball bearing 2x5x2.5 into gear ratios (floating gear);
* 2 ball bearings 1.5x4x2 (hollow propeller shaft);
* fiber glass resin bumpers;
* Angled front bumper (13ยฐ), wing effect;
* Vent hole under the chassis like TZ chassis;
* Angled chassis to have a better aerodynamic;
* Titanium shafts;
* 10ยฐ "wing" angled rollers;


In 2006 I build this new car for Street Mini 4WD based on Type 2 chassis, ball bearing trasmission and fiber glass resin plates built from scratch. It was my most durable Street Mini 4WD car with which I've won many races!
I've loved the type 2 chassis, it was very customizable! This my Super Shooting Star was the first Street Mini 4WD car with a ball bearing trasmission based on 2 tiny 1.5x4x2 ball bearings and the 1.4mm hollow propeller shaft. Many memories!