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A place for everyone's mini 4WD.
A service that allows you to manage and share your own creations.


The place where everyone's mini 4WD meets

I started this site as a personal hobby on December 2, 2013. I wanted to have a site where I could share photos of the machines that I had made as much as I could, so I created this site.

Have fun!

When I became an adult, I rediscovered the fun of Mini 4WD and resumed it as a returning member of the team. I have made many friends through competitions, mini 4WD bars and courses. It's not just about getting the car running, it's also about modifying and painting it, communicating with friends, and much more.

Share it!

I think it's a lot of fun to watch your own Mini4WD and to watch other people's Mini4WD. Please share that fun with us. We hope this service will make your Mini 4WD life more enjoyable.

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2013/12/2 α版リリース
2013/12/8 ver magnum バグ修正及びミニ四駆の関連画像のアップロードできる様になりました。
2013/12/10 各ミニ四駆の閲覧数が出る様になりました。
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2014/01/08 お気に入りに追加機能、タグに説明文を追加、パンクズリストの追加
2014/01/29 リンク集を追加
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2014/02/08 コメント機能を追加
2014/02/13 マシンページにて他のオススメマシンを表示する機能 mixiイイネ廃止
2014/03/06 メニューUIをリニューアル
2014/03/07 サムネイル選択時の表示方法を変更
2014/03/21 TOPページリニューアル
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