#streetmini4wd Big Bang Ghost on Type 5 Chassis (2009)

#streetmini4wd Big Bang Ghost on Type 5 Chassis (2009)

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2018/07/23 17:46 に公開

Chassis = Type 5;
* Motor = FA-130 Stock / Touch Dash;
* Gear ratio = 5:1 / 4.5:1 / 4.3:1;
* Weight (without AA stilo)= 73.6 gr;
* Tires = Sponge da 31mm;

* 4 ball bearing 2x6x2 on hex shaft;
* 1 ball bearing 2x5.5x2.5 (fifth one);
* 1 ball bearing 2x5x2.5 into gear ratio;
* 2 ball bearing 1.5x4x2 (propeller shaft)


This is my old Big Bang Ghost on Type 5 Chassis from 2009! 😍😁
The project was based on experience from my Super Shooting Star on Type 2 Chassis: ball bearing trasmission, self build bumpers, now in fiber glass plate instead of my own resin eheh!😅
For the first time I thinked about the aerodynamic aspect of my car, so with this BBG I've angled the fron bumper to have a better aerodynamic load, while the Type 5 chassis was totally changed in shape to have a wing profile.


Street Mini 4WD racer since 1994. I'm one of original founders of the Street Mini 4WD 🇮🇹 🧔🏻😎😉 #streetmini4wd